In designing and manufacturing machinery and generators for mechanical devices, the primary concerns are convenient and secure operation, durability, and the operator's health and safety. It is also important to protect the machinery and equipment from unwanted access and even sabotage or stealing. LEEKA’s premium locks and security parts ensure machinery and industrial equipment durability, safety, locking, and operating convenience. Our parts are durable even under the conditions of compression, extreme power transmission, and the working of thick metal sheets.

Safeguard Machinery and Personnel

LEEKA’s locks and security parts keep the sensitive electronics and controls in the machinery’s control cabinet secure. Simultaneously, our parts can be designed in the machinery's protection mechanism that ensures a healthy and safe work environment for the operator. We provide consultation, design, and manufacturing services and assist manufacturers in building safe and secure machinery with our high-quality locks and ancillary parts. Check our customization services.

A Wide Range of Applications

LEEKA’s locks and security parts have been designed and used in various machinery and production units such as LED displays, textile machinery, machine tools, HVAC, laser machines, and more demanding applications such as generator sets, generator units, power units, and charging posts.