Engineered Access Hardware - Especially for Your Needs
Leeka Industrial Co., Ltd. is located in the Taichung Industrial Park in Taiwan. We manufacture and supply industrial hardware and specialize in industrial smart locks, door hardware, switchboard hardware, cubicle hardware, and cabinet door seals to maintain equipment safety.

Since 2014, LEEKA has provided premium-quality parts for industrial-grade access hardware and enclosures. Our vision is to become a world-renowned specialist in industrial locks, a wide range of cabinet/enclosure accessories, and factory automation parts.
LEEKA provides customized industrial smart electronic locks and various industrial hardware, including
  • IoT-based smart locks, electronic locks, mechanical locks
  • Door locks and accessories
  • Data cabinet/switchboard locks and accessories
  • Traffic cabinet locks
  • All kinds of fasteners, such as door buckles, cabinet buckles, luggage buckles, and clamps
  • Handles, flush pull handles, and knobs
  • Hinges for a wide range of applications
  • Leveling legs, casters, and slides
  • Stays, door gaskets, waterproof gaskets, and rubber door stoppers

Our locks, hinges, and other parts for securing cabinets are suitable for a wide range of applications, from telecommunications switchboard and outdoors control cabinets, enclosures for inspection instruments used in the semiconductor industry, IoT-based smart locks for cloud data centers, to smart locks for telecommunications servers and facilities. LEEKA’s smart locks and parts for enclosures safeguard industrial equipment and cabinets. Learn more about LEEKA’s locks and parts.

Customized Design and Manufacture of Access Hardware

LEEKA’s R&D team has a wealth of professional knowledge and experience. We are capable of providing diversified services and production of locks and ancillary parts. We put user experience as our priority in product development. LEEKA provides customers with all-in-one product consultation and manufacturing services, from design and blueprint drawing, mold production, final product assembly to finished product quality testing. Click here to learn more about LEEKA’s customization service.

Continuous pursuit of improvement is LEEKA's motto in product development. LEEKA’s R&D team continues to work diligently to collect market information and up our market and product knowledge. When we work with our customers, our priority is to develop locks and engineered access solutions meeting the market trend and the customer’s requirements. We aim to provide our customers with diverse customized solutions and long-term technical support.

Premium Quality Smart Locks, Locks, And Access Hardware

LEEKA’s locks and access hardware are CE, FCC, IP65, and RoHS certified.

Our products and parts go through stringent quality control before being delivered to the customer. The quality of LEEKA's parts is on par with that of leading brands on the market. Our products and parts are durable and economical. They help improve the competitiveness of our customers' products in terms of build and quality. When used in electronic equipment and enclosures, our parts keep the equipment and cabinets secure and tight. Click here to learn more about LEEKA’s quality control.

LEEKA's Social ResponsibilityInspire Employees Satisfy Customers Protect Environment

Being a member of society, we put importance on fulfilling our social responsibility. We value our important stakeholders and aim to create triple wins for the customer, the employee, and the company.

Employees realize LEEKA’s success. We recognize our excellent employees are an important asset that enables LEEKA to stand out from the crowd and keeps our customers satisfied. To cope with diverse customer requirements, we maintain a versatile team consisting of employees from different backgrounds.

LEEKA also considers environmental protection as an important aspect of corporate social responsibility. We enforce the practice of environment protection in staff training, production, and materials management.

Our advocate of environment protection in staff training helps boost our environmental consciousness and sets environment protection into action in our work. In production, we optimize our production process and control pollution and waste generated during this process. Energy-saving and carbon footprint reduction are also high on our agenda.

LEEKA adopts measures such as reducing industrial waste and recycling as continuous efforts to environmental protection. On top of this, many of our parts are free from hazardous substances and therefore are RoHS certified.