5G is all set and ready to transform industries and society. From smart devices at home to IoT machinery on factory floors, their reliable performance requires highly reliable telecommunications services. The continuous and fast-paced development of 5G infrastructure and applications means that the telecommunications equipment and service providers have to provide reliable and secure services to private and business 5G customers. LEEKA’s smart locks, traditional locks, and secure access solutions help telecommunications service providers build secure enclosures to protect the important 5G equipment. Check our customization services!

Indoor And Outdoor Switch And Control Cabinets

LEEKA provides locks, hinges, latches, and seals that keep indoor and outdoor switch and control cabinets for telecommunications equipment safe and secure.

5G Small Outdoor Cells

LEEKA’s products are CE, FCC, IP65, and RoHS certified and resistant to bad weather, water and humidity, and physical damage. Therefore, they are ideal for keeping outdoor small cells such as vault solutions, micro radio boxes, and light poles safe and secure.

Customized 5G Equipment Solutions

LEEKA provides customized secure access solutions for switch and control cabinets used in telecommunications infrastructure. Our services include application evaluation, design, and manufacture. We aim to help our telecom customers build secure facilities and equipment so that they can provide a secure network for connecting everything!