Are you in the market to buy industrial door gaskets for your office or warehouse?

The gaskets you pick can have a major impact on the safety and costs you will incur in your day-to-day operations.
The best gaskets are the ones that meet the needs of your business at the most affordable price.
Read on to learn about 3 things to keep in mind when buying an industrial door gasket!

  1. The Importance of Precise Measurements

    It's crucial for your business that the gaskets you buy fit properly on the doors where they are installed. This means that before an order is placed, you'll need to ensure you've made accurate measurements for the product.
    For example, if your measurements are inaccurate for the gaskets installed on a refrigerator door, this can cause cold air to get out. Over time, this can cost your business a lot of money. It can also compromise the integrity of the refrigerated product.
    It can also raise safety issues for your customers. That's because the products stored in those spaces cannot maintain accurate temperatures.
  1. Buy Gaskets Made of Quality Materials

    The integrity of any door gasket is based largely on the kind of materials used to make it. You should choose only the highest quality building materials for your gaskets.
    By using strong plastic and rubber materials, your gaskets will hold up to the elements - from weather to the wear and tear of your business. The best materials will also help your gaskets last longer, which means you will spend less on these parts over time.
    You leverage the value of these reduced costs to pass along savings to your customer. You can also increase margins on the products and services you offer.

Buy Your Industrial Gasket Today

The industrial gasket that you buy is a small but important part of your office or warehouse. Since industrial door gaskets operate as a barrier to seal off openings in your doors, you need reliable parts that work properly when you use them.
At LEEKA, we are a global panel lock and swing handle manufacturer that also builds only the best industrial door gaskets. Our products are designed for use in industrial settings like the food service industry, automotive, and industrial machine equipment.
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