Are you looking to make moving furniture or equipment easier?

Half of all working Americans claim to have back pain symptoms each year. You can prevent this with industrial castor wheels when moving furniture or equipment.
Do you have large equipment or furniture around your business on uneven flooring?
Industrial levelers can be used to straighten up desks which would usually be slanted on uneven flooring.
Does your floor have scuff marks from constantly moving your equipment?
Castors can reduce damage to the building. Castors and levelers are attached to the bottom of the equipment, allowing either ease of movement or adjustability to the load level. As a B2B company, Leeka has a range of levelers/castors from which your company could prosper.


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What factors do you need to consider when buying industrial leveling/castors?

With this buying guide, you can choose the best ones for your application.

Size of the Load/Frequency of Use

The size of the load you move can impact your choice on which industrial wheels and castors you should use. You will need to attach denser wheels when adding them to heavier loads.
Leeka has a range of castor with different load weights for you to choose from, from 1KG up to 300KG. Also, using castors to wheel the objects around will reduce damaging your back. If an object is heavy, castors would be more beneficial than levelers.
If something isn't moved but stays on an uneven floor, you should choose levelers over castors. Levelers allow you to personalize the level of an object, differing one from the rest.

What Are You Mounting the Industrial Leveling/Castors To?

Installing new castors can be any type, but you need to take note of the mount when replacing castors. There are two different types of mounts: Stem mount and Plate mount.
Plate mounts have different sized mounts and bolt patterns. If you choose the new mount with a different variation of these two aspects, you will find it difficult to attach it.
Stem mounts have different sizes and shaped pegs. As with the Plate mount, if you get a different variation, installing it won't be easy.
Getting your leveling/castors customized is acceptable if you need different specifications. If you are unable to find the correct replacement, getting one customized will be the best option.

Is This Wheely the End?

Now you have a better insight into the different aspects of levelers/castors. Hopefully, this article has helped you chose the correct industrial leveling/castors to use in your business.
Please contact us with any further questions about industrial wheels and castors. Or enquire about getting your leveling/castors customized.
Leeka has a lot more products that could be useful and around your business. Head over to our site and check out what else we can offer you.

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