Indoor and outdoor enclosures used for IT equipment and high-tech inspection systems should protect against the potential ingress of dust, water, rain, and snow. They should also have mechanisms preventing the access of solid objects such as fingers and dirt. To help build these waterproof and dust-tight sealed enclosures and cabinets, LEEKA manufactures and supplies high-quality IP 65-grade locks, hinges, latches, gaskets, and ancillary parts. We help you select the right parts and construct enclosures catering to your needs. Check our enclosure customization services.!

Enclosures for Computing and Networks

LEEKA supplies locks and security systems for standard and tailored IT enclosures and cabinets. Our parts own CE, FCC, and IP 65 certificates and provide IT enclosure manufacturers with high-quality parts for building dust-free, sealed, and waterproofed enclosures. We also provide companies and factories with consulting, design, and manufacturing services for customized IT enclosures such as server rack cabinets, enclosures for modular data centers, data center cabinets for cloud, hot aisle/cold aisle containment systems, server rack mounts, surveillance control room furniture, and outdoor enclosures.

High Technology Inspection System

LEEKA’s parts are also used in constructing high technology inspection systems in Taiwan’s leading high-tech manufacturing companies. We provide consulting and design services for building inspection systems used in the high-tech industry. We assist our customers in constructing these inspection systems conforming to the standards required for manufacturing high technology components and products. Our specialty is the design and manufacture of cleanroom hinges preventing particle emissions in the dust-free working environment.
LEEKA’s locks and security parts are used in wafer surface inspection systems and semiconductor sealing test equipment. We help high-tech companies maintain the standard of the working environment and product quality. Check our electronic enclosure customization services.!